10 Game of Thrones DIY’s

We are officially 4 days away from the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, and even though the wait is almost over, it has been over a year since we last saw Westeros.

In this year what kept me going was searching the web for fun Game of Thrones related DIY’s and here are 10 of the ones I liked the most.

These projects vary in difficulty, some are super easy while others may take more time to make, but all are great in their own way and perfect for a lot of people who are hosting a viewing party.

**Disclaimer: All these DIY’s were created by someone else who put a LOT of idea into them so I am not in any way trying to take credit**

1 – Ned Stark & Jon Snow Cake Pops

This is the perfect way to use some leftover cake and eat your sorrows, let’s be real, even though Ned died back in season 1, we are still heartbroken about that.

Ned Stark - Cake Pops

source: A Broke Girl’s Diary

2 – Northerners Cloak

Given that Winter is officially here, this DIY is perfect to keep you warm in those long winter nights!

Game of Thrones Northerners Cloak

source: 8Bit Nerds

3 – House Banners

A simple and easy way to show your House pride at your viewing party!

Party House Banners

source: Hola Sara

4 – Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

A sweet way to enjoy some Westerosi cuisine and impress your guests!

Sansas Lemon Cakes

source: The Gingered Whisk

5 – Drinking Game

A good way to add that fun twist on a Game of Thrones episode viewing party only, of course, if your old enough to drink. Of you’re not try swapping the alcohol for your favorite juice to still have fun with this game.

Game of Thrones Drinking Game_Snip

source: The Meta Picture

6 – Party Parfaits

The best way to end every meal!

Game of Thrones Party Parfaits

  source: Homemade Hoopla

7 – Coasters

After all, no one wants to be left with a dirty table after enjoying the parfaits.

Names Coasters

source: Nicole Tries DIY

8 – Quote Art

Is there a quote from Game of Thrones that stuck out to you?

If so show all your geekiness with this awesome wall art!

Quote Art

source: The Geeky Peacock

9 – Frey Pie

Who didn’t enjoy watching Arya kill Walder Frey while he ate his own relatives? I know i did!

But hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Game of Thrones Frey Pie

source: Baking Mischief

10 – Ice & Fire Cupcakes

Because how can you call it a party if you don’t have cupcakes?

Ice & Fire Cupcakes

source: Rosanna Pansino

Let me know down in the comments how they turned out for you or if you have any Game of Thrones DIY’s for me to try!



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